Its Importance and Benefits for children in the long run

Having a sound academic background, along with developing a questioning mind, sharp enough to grab the concepts that are being introduced to the young learner is certainly a must-have in today’s scenario where we are actually being an active member of the never-ending rat race. It is a common belief among the students as well as their parents that their child needs to score high in the academics in order to shine high in his/her upcoming life, but quite often we tend to ignore another much-needed quality of the individual and that is none other than his/her command on the soft skills and a healthy state of mind, body, and soul comprising of physical fitness.

The need to emphasize on Soft Skills & Physical Activities:

1.  The inter-connection between Hard and Soft skillsSoft skills determine your E.Q (Emotional Quotient) whereas hard skills deal with your I.Q (Intelligence Quotient). Although, we are understand the importance of   being high in hard skills and its importance  to avail better opportunities in the future  we should never compromise on the soft skills because they seem to be the backbone of these hard skills.

 2.  Deeper Understanding: The soft skills actually reflect the true picture of one’s state of mind. The person with pleasing soft skills is definitely an individual who is more open to understanding the situation well from another individuals’ point of view, is able to keep their assessment or point of view in front of others in a better way, able to deal, negotiate and maintain better relationships on a lifelong basis. 

3.    For a healthier mind: Getting engrossed in  physical activities is an assurance to maintain a healthy body, mind which is a result of the improvised gross and fine motor skills. Involving oneself in Physical activity gives a big boost in shaping the personality and learning abilities of an individual especially during the early age of children where it is related more often with creativity, brain development, and personal awareness.

Benefits of learning soft skills at a young age: School is the second home: The school life of a child has a significant effect on one’s personality and is regarded as a critical tenure in shaping the overall personality of the individual because children spend maximum time of their growing years in their schools, they provide a better ground for training them to the core and leaving a mark on them that stays forever! 

  Flexibility to mold: The children in their young age are similar to a plain canvas which can be filled with colors of your choice. Hence, inculcating and training them to develop their soft skills and involving them in sufficient amount of physical activities provide a better opportunity to mould one’s character on a permanent note.

 Future Benefits : 

 Builds Confidence : A Child with strong and proper use of soft skills in his or her overall personality is more confident and presents a better outlook than his peers who lack in them 

   Enhanced Orientation: A child with better soft skills knows the appropriate manner of dealing with his friends, teachers, headmistress/principal, Juniors as well as the family members. This gesture will not only assure his refined adjustment in the child’s school life but will also play a significant bonus on his upcoming college or work life and his entire future .

 Shape up the mind:  Being exposed to physical activities assures the children to develop a healthy mind that is open and adaptive in nature. Also, the individual turns out to be a broad-minded person having an ability to modify his beliefs as per the facts.

The set of soft skills to be imbibed during a tender age:

1.    Command over English: The ability to converse in English is regarded and will always be considered as a big plus to grab a prominent job with a handsome pay scale. Hence, incorporating training to gain command over English is a big yes

2. Social presence: More often we come across children who might be high on I.Q but lack the skills to speak up their mind in front of outsiders or shy away to perform any activity in a group. Incorporating proper mechanisms to deal with such trauma right from the very beginning by teaching the students to convey their message to the outside world with a stringent confidence irrespective of the language being used will definitely enhance the personality of the child and prepare them for the future ahead.

3.   Enhancement of body language: Body language is a synonym for your self- confidence. The way you carry yourself in front of others comprising the sitting position, standing posture, gestures used while conversing, having eye-contact while having communication says a ton about your personality. The schools are known to be the best ever platform to encourage the child with appropriate practices and to conduct such sessions that would enhance their body language and will result in a confident and vibrant personality that could easily please the crowd.

Formula to incorporate the soft skills in children and to make them physically progressive: 

1.   Superior sports infrastructure and Involvement in competitions: A school having sufficient infrastructure, that involves sports and fitness training to the students by means of better playing grounds, accessories, and equipment, experienced coaches catering to physical education is a must to attract a number of students towards getting engrossed with the physical activities.

Also, there would be a number of competitions organized on a weekly/bi-

monthly/monthly basis to encourage the children to imbibe a healthy playing spirit comprising competitiveness and learning environment for the children. 

2.   Conducting Debates, stage plays and alike: Another prominent step from the school would be to conduct  activities such as inter/intra school debate, group discussions, stage shows, role play and many more such activities that would surely give a big boost to one’s personality.

3.   Motivational talks with the teachers: The teachers of the school could take the initiative to conduct personality grooming classes and also to acquaint the children with the know-how of the soft skills and importance of physical education in one’s life from time to time. The discussion should be open at both ends where the children can come ahead and throw their valuable inputs into the matter. 


Mentioned below is a list of centers in Pune catering to the development of soft skills and imparting physical education to the children. Read ahead to explore the one that blends with your specifics: 


1.     Arjun School of Martial Arts, Chinchwad: An institute teaching the skills of martial arts and karate to an individual in the age group 3.5-60

Contact Person: Mr. MilindArjun

Contact No.: +919822660901

Email ID:


2.     Kids 2 Teens, Hadapsar: Catering to learning opportunities in Chess, Martial Arts and Karate for the age group 2-16


3.     Shikijima Martial Arts Taekwondo Academy, Wakad: Conducting Martial arts, Taekwondo, Karate classes for 4-60-year-old.

 4.     Deccan 11, Camp: Football coaching for 7-30 year old.


                 5.  Panda kids, Salunkhe Vihar:  Martial art, skating and karate classes for   4-12-years old.


6.     Jumping Gorilla, ChandniChawk: Tennis coaching and archery classes for age group 2.5-14 years


7.     Wisdom Cricket Academy, Kalyani Nagar: Cricket coaching for age group 5-60 years.

Contact Person: Mr. Sanjay

Contact No.: +919923304646

Email ID:


8.     Snovit International Ice Skating Club, Kothrud: Skating and ice-skating classes for age group 4-60 years.


9.     Performance Table tennis Academy, Airport Road:Table tennis classes for 10-60 year old

Contact Person:Mr. Dhananjay

Contact No.: +919766976323

Email ID:


10.            Wonder Years, SopanBaug: Chess, martial art and karate classes for age group 5-16

Contact Person: Meena

Contact No.: +919850094409

Email ID:


ü English Speaking Classes


1.     Iteskul: Language classes for English, English conversation


2.     Anees Classes: Tutorials and language class for English, English conversation, class X, class XII


3.     BM English Speaking Classes, Aundh: English language  classes for children


4.     Alex English Speaking Classes, Chandan Nagar-Kharadi: language classes for children as well for British and American English



5.     Eloquent Academy, Kothrud: Conducting classes for children comprising English conversation

+91 9152407252


6.     BS Educon, Market Yard: Apart from conducting language classes for English. It also deals with counseling and stress management.

+91 9152179497


7.     Ideal Spoken English academy, Chakan: Listed among language classes for English, English conversation, American English

+91 9152140291


8.     YashEducare, Katraj: catering language classes for English, English conversation as well as German.

+91 9152802311


9.     Let’s talk Academy of Foreign Language, Bhandarkar Road: Language classes for English, English conversation, German and French


10.Eagle Spoken English, Chakan: English language classes for children, British English, American English, English conversation

+91 9152199951


ü Personality Development:

1.    Bookwings Club, Pimple Saudagar: A complete center for personality enhancement, accent improvement, debate, speech and drama classes


2.    Counselling Centre, MG Road: Personality development, behavior management and many more courses to explore


3.    Cambridge Champs International Pre School, Pashan: Calligraphy classesMental Maths classesPersonality Development classes


4.    ChitraKalp Art Institute, Katraj:Calligraphy classesMental MathsclassesPersonality Development classesSpeech & Drama classes+919420495721


5.           KamyaniVidyamandir: Personality development classes

     Name : Mr. Ashok       Kulkarni

    Phone No +912025673529

     Mail Id :



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