As per the changing trends in society and the education system in our country, having a strong academic backdrop is certainly not enough to qualify among the top list of all-rounder students having a distinctive edge to their personality.

One can rightly term this era as a competitive time zone wherein we need to strive for the best, on an enduring level, to stand out from the crowd. The young ones are among the most prominent candidates that can be shaped into a versatile human being.

We as parents of our beloved children can take an initiative to assist this goal by enrolling our children in various extra-curricular activities and events to transform them and provide them with a broad outlook towards life.

The influence of Competitive Exams in the Modern World:

Education and Competition have been regarded as soul mates wherein the absence of one degrades the value of the other.  It is an age-old truth that stands true even today and promises to be a fact in the future as well.


Being a part of the competition does not only give a boost to the healthy competitive spirit among the students but also enhances the mental aptitude of the aspirant and works equally for the enhancement of one’s personality.


Encouraging your child to be an active participant of the various competitions such as sports, creative arts, performing arts, STEM and various other educational competitions is an assurance to give a big high to their morale along with helping them to understand the ups and downs of life via winning orlosing the event. Other than these it’s also a stress buster along with a mode of keeping your child physically and mentally sound.


Competitive Exams: A Categorization


The competitive exams for children can be diversified into numerous categories based on several factors. The major among the broad types of competitive exams are mentioned subsequently:


1.   Scholarship Competitions :  These are the competitions held to test the awareness and command of the student in his/her academic curriculum. The scholarship exams are regarded to be the miners of genius candidates having a distinct skill set on a particular course or over the complete list of subjects. Attaining a scholarship is a big thumbs up for boosting the confidence in your child as he will be acknowledged to be an intelligent individual in the society.


2.   Creative Arts Competition:  Give a brighter angle to your beloved child by motivating him/her to be a part of this engrossing competition segment comprising art, craft, handicraft, origami, creative writing and many more to explore.


3.  Performing/Martial Arts Competition:   Music, dance, drama, martial arts and alike comprise this real art form that can be depicted with the body movements of the performer. It is a time-based performance wherein an individual presents his skills in front of the audience for a specified amount of time. Enrolling your kid in this section is guaranteed to groom his personality towards a brighter side.


4.   Indoor/Outdoor Sports: Sports is a beloved activity among the children which does not only impart a healthy body but also works towards uplifting the mental level and calms down the individual as they work to be a major stress buster. There are various competitions organized for children catering to sports such as cricket, badminton, football, chess and alike.


Ways & Means to crack the competitive exams:

Getting beyond in the competitive race requires determination, willpower, a sharp mind and not to forget a promising partner assisting you to leap over the competition.

 There are plenty of resources available that can assist you to prepare for these competitive exams or events and provide you with complete guidance and awareness of the past and present trends. However, when it comes to preparing for an exam/event the first and foremost alternative that strikes our mind is a well-established coaching institutewhich is obviously the best mentor for any student considering it in houses an experienced faculty along with the needed infrastructure.

 Other than this, another most popular medium of learning is to learn by self. This self-learningis usually opted out by the students who might have a sharp mind or are confident enough to deal with the journey at their self- pace. The self-learningis complemented with good quality literature i.e. prominent books or via various online education platformsrenderingquality education or demonstrative videosto the students at the convenience of their home.

 The students can easily explore the web to find out various reputed online teaching websites that can help them with video sessions with the instructor orprovide them with detailed demos on various aspects.

Apart from the educational websites, there has been the latest trend of learning via the educational/self-learning appsthat can provide you with the necessary content right in your mobile handset which is obviously easy to carry around and the students can learn at any location and at any point of time.

 Tried and tested tips to outshine the competitive exams/events:

Each one has its own unique way of studying or teaching, however, there are some tips that can be easily followed by the students and looked after by their parents to let their child break free of the stress and to clear the exam/event with a pleasant mind. 

ü Enroll in a prominent coaching institute or register with a reputed educational/self-learning website.

ü Remember, Practice is the key to perfection. Hence, the students are advised to practice the session learning in the classes on a daily basis.

ü Motivate your children to stay calm, composed and ever strive forward to continue with their hard work.

ü Eat good food along with spending time on other activities such as playing to relieve your mind

ü Do some physical exercise

ü Use calendar apps like Google Calendar to track your schedules

ü Work on your weak points

ü Analyze the previous year exam papers and focus on the finding


 Categorization of various competitive exams as per varying age groups:


1.  Scholarship Programs: 

a.    NTSE: A popular scholarship program for students of classes X-XII with a prize of Rs. 1250/month for class X and Rs.2000/month for class XI and XII students. 

b.   Pre-matric scholarship scheme for minority students:  A scholarship program for minority students (parent’s income less than 1 lakh rupees) studying in class I-X. The cash prize ranges from Rs 3,000-Rs. 6,000 per annum.

 c.     NSO, NSS, NCO, UCO and other Olympiad: A renowned Maths and science Olympiad for students studying in classes’ I-V. These exams are conducted across the nation in multiple schools to filter out the hidden talents of our nation.


2.   Creative Arts Competition:


a.   International Children’s Painting Competition on the Environment: A competition held by the UN Environment segment each year for the kids in the age group of 5-13 years.

b.  Creative Communication poetry Contest: Highlights the talented writers across the globe and is open for children from all the age groups.

 c.   Anne Frank Essay Contest: A program sponsored by the KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and is meant for students in class V-VIII. The students are required to submit an essay and the winner is assured to travel to the Anne Frank Museum, Amsterdam.

d.   Annual Art Olympiad: A national level art competition offering a cash prize of Rs. 2000 and is divided into various categories based on years such as 5-8 years, 9-12 years, 13-15 years and 16-17 years.


e.   Picasso Art Contest: An international online art competition focusing on the age group 2-8 years and 6-19 years.


f.      KhulaAasmaan: An art competition held quarterly with free entry for children 5-15 years as well as for young adults 15-25 years.


3.    Performing Arts Competition:


a.   Cultural Talent Search Scholarship Scheme: A scholarship program favoringthe exceptionally talented and deserving students gifted in any of the hundreds of art forms, comprising music, dance, drama painting, crafts or rare art forms, sculpture. The cash award is Rs. 12,600-13,800 per year and is eligible for students in the age group of 10-14 years.

b.    Scholarship to young artist: This scholarship scheme is intended to provide assistance to the young artists with a promise for providing advanced training within India in the domains of Visual art,Traditional and Indigenous Arts and Light Classical Music, Indian Classical Music, Indian Classical Dance, Theatre, Mime, Folk etc. The total number of scholarships available is 400 per year.


c.      The Freda and Scherrie Payne Scholarships for Youth & Adult Singers:A scholarship program offering scholarship to be a part of the renowned LA Voix Studio by assisting the vocally gifted children by contributing 50% of their fees in order to attain private lessons.–information.html


4.   Indoor/Outdoor        Sports:

a.     National Sports Talent Search: It is a competition to hunt the sporting talents from school in the age group of 8-14 years and help them transform into sports personalities.

 b.    Rajiv Gandhi KhelAbhiyaan: A national level sports hunt comprising rural and women categories. It encompasses various sporting events held at district, state and national level.















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