Every child is born with a talent. We have to just identify that inborn talent.  But unfortunately many people fail at identifying the things, the child is really passionate about. And it is pity that some people never able to find the things their child is good at and end up doing things which don’t intrigue them or bring out the best in them.  When you are able to identify or spot,  your child’s talent, you will be able to help your child  make your career out of it, enjoy the career and make steady progress every day learning things that they enjoy,  so that the whole life they will be doing things they are truly passionate about. This was beautifully brought out in the hit movie by Amir Khan , Taare Zameen Par and parents will be happy with the results their child has made progress in .  But identifying the talent is not that easy and it requires patience and careful observation on the part of the parents to observe things that the child truly enjoys doing .

What we become in future is highly depends upon our genetics and environment we are brought up in. This is very important to nurture your talents and cultivate good habits in the young age.  So, that one can know his real interest and make a future in that field. In the young age, a child attempts to do many things without fear, with a proper observation and expertise parent can identify spark or talent in their child.

What does talent mean? And how do you identify talent ?

In simple words talent is aptitude. Aptitude is the grasping power, or the ability to learn new things faster. It is the natural ability to demonstrate something.

It is very a crucial task to identify the  talent or spark within your child.  Because talent is not always about big things or achievement, it can be small things for which you have a unique expertise that is god gifted and comes naturally to you This can be improved and enhanced with structured learning or coaching helping the child realize their full potential and become a success in life. Once the natural strength of the child has been identified, polishing that talent through training coaching becomes easy and the child can choose that stream as a future career option 

AS per Harvard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligence , every child is born with eight multiple intelligence and their learning styles are based on the same where they will perform very well when they are taught in the learning style which is dominant for them which are

Naturalistic,  Intrapersonal, Interpersonal ,  Kinesthetic, Musical , Spatial , Logical , Linguistic learning methods

This can be understood by conducting a cognitive ability test which measures the child’s ability to understand or grasp things better when taught in their natural learning style as mentioned above.   

Availability of Talent can be found in different fields, some of the well known areas are as follows.

MUSICAL : Music and arts: Singing, Playing instruments, having perfect pitch, Knowing music theory, Writing songs, Dancing, Drawing, Painting, Art works and Crafts.

Interpersonal : Character and personality: Kind, Humorous, Generous, Going along well with others, Sociable, Optimistic, Courageous, Leadership skills, Good at keeping secrets, sense of humor, team player.

Intrapersonal : Character and Personality : Introvert , Thinker , Meticulous , detailed  planner.

Languages and academic: Ability to learn new languages, whether it’s your mother tongue or not, Write stories, Poem, Speech, Reading articles , Telling interesting stories, Acting/ role play, Do extensive arithmetic, Good at geography, Map reading, Good anchoring skills.

Kinesthetic : Physically: Good at sports, Has good aim, Swim fast , Flexible, good at mind games.

Spatial : able to learn by visualization and looking at pictures , visual media like maps , videos , pictures  etc.

Naturalistic : Able to learn through nature and comfortable being with nature , wildlife , plants and animals , etc..

Logical : has a logical bent of mind , good with numbers , figures, aptitude etc.

Finally, choosing career according to your talent is always beneficial in long run.

 Does everyone possess talent?

Yes, every individual is different and has some inborn skill or ability that makes them different . Identifying their strengths is a more challenging job than implementing it. So, we need to have a scientific way of assessment that can identify the strengths and weakness of the child and identify the dominant learning pattern of the individual. There are many organizations doing the assessment for cognitive based abilities and one of the organizations is a company called

Spark is what comes from a true passion for something, even if you are not good at painting but you have mere interest in painting then, you can extend your interest as your skill with proper practice. People often assume talent to be one of those popular things like music, arts, sports, literature and studies and when they don’t  find themselves doing anything extraordinary in that field, then they assume they dont have any talent. Talent is not necessary skills related only  to creative arts , performing arts, martial arts , indoor sports , outdoor sports , hobbies , adventure , camping , travel , events etc. but can be anything either  big or small.

At a young age, children learn through their experiences and by observing their surrounding. And it has a great impact on the things which intrigue them as a person. Some people are born with unique abilities despite difficulties faced in their surrounding and through family pressure . These inborn capabilities are called as the talents. Doing things you are passionate about is like you are half way done. But many times we witness the fact that, many people waste their talent either by not identifying it or they never develop interest in those fields they have talent.  So, it’s become very important to nurture your kid, in order to find his talent.

How to identify the spark/talent in your child?

Best way to identify talent/spark in your child is to let them do various activities and observe them keenly. In order to identify their true potential set them free and let them attempt things. If one boy can visualize and draw balloon with just basic knowledge of line and circle as that of other kids of age then, he possesses an unique quality of visualizing things and pen them down, that what people called it as a creativity. On the other hand if he is taking years in learning piano note of twinkle twinkle little star then no use to force him to be mucision, if he can’t understand music. To discover talent see what your child can do effortlessly.

It is very a crucial process of identifying talent because, the things your child hate at the young age may interest him when grown up. The two most important factors need to consider in this process are:

1.    Talent identification: This is the process of identification of the strengths of your child. Strengths are rigid and not fleeting like interest.

2.    Talent development: Once you know what strengths of your kid are then, it is very important to combine it with the skill set, which one can achieve with the proper training and practice.

Kids are always curious to try new things. If you allocate same task to the group of kids and observe, you can find that each kid is doing it in a different way. Each kid has the different rate of learning that what we called aptitude. Everybody runs with their own pace. Yes, it is easy to find out ones talent.

Tips to identify talent in your child

1.    Let them try various activities: Give an opportunity to your child to try out different things. Don’t give many instructions, set them free to try out different things. Observe the pattern in their work and note down details.  If your kid wants to keep repeating certain tasks again and again which is of interest to  him/her and they enjoy doing that activity that is the natural talent of the child and nurturing the talent will help  you to find the spark within him.

 2.    Create family tradition: The family bonding and the surroundings play a very important part in molding the child’s personality. Children observe their parents and family members and learn things from them. It is important to pursue the family tradition of celebrating birth days or going for a picnic. It gives positive memories to the child and enhances their interaction with society and keeps them bonded to the culture and tradition.

 3.    Listen to your kid: Listen to your child, let them make their own stories. Don’t overstate anything. Try to let them experience new things let them do mistakes. Always consider their views and give them the encouragement and support needed to express and voice their opinion and thoughts.

 4.    Don’t overdo and compare with others: Learning is the process, it can’t happen overnight. Every child’s  aptitude and skill is different. So it is very important not  to compare your child with others. It builds inferiority complex in them, and they may hate things now, once they were passionate about.

Talent is always worth pursuing as the career.  Because it always makes us happy about doing things we are good at. Discovering talents of your kid at very young age is best for their future and good parenting practice.


About the Author : Thomas is the Founder of and Competition4Kids two websites dealing with offering updates on various activities, products and services for school going kids and is passionate about introducing various kids related offerings to parents and educational institutions to bring about holistic development for kids .   














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