Early childhood education is a very important aspect . According to research, 90% of the brain develops before age of age of 5. Children who involve in early childhood education program are likely to have a basic education before kindergarten. Children with formal education tend to have higher IQ than other children of their age. Also, they are quick learners and well behaved. Early child education improves the social skills of a child and they get good grades in the school life.

It is evident from the survey that, those children who go to the pre-school program are more inclined towards education. Most of them go to the high school and graduated from university. Also, they have very few behavioral problems; they stick with the moral values and don’t indulge in crime at an early age. In the early development years, children are like a sponge they observe the surrounding and people and try to behave accordingly. They see the outside world and make beliefs. Those beliefs reflect in their habits and behavior. That’s why it is very important to take care of them during the early development years.

Importance of  early childhood education and care and its long-term effects

Positive beginnings always lead to the positive endings. Before age of 5 child brain is highly active. The language development is at its peak,  Also the grasping power of the child is very high. Therefore this is the best time to cultivate positive and healthy learning habits in your child. These childhood habits will have a long-term effect on the child and will be a deciding factor on how your child is going to perform later in high school. With the help of a good educator, early childhood education can have a dramatic impact on the children life.

The Child with an early education has a better understanding than the other child with the no early childhood education. What we become in future  highly depends upon our genetics and environment that we are brought up in. This is very important to nurture your talents and cultivate good habits at a young age.  Children have lots of energy. At a young age, the child experiments many things without any fear. This is very important to give direction to their flowing energy by involving them in creative activities, which will enhance their skill set. Here are some skills children  learn from early child education.

1.    Cooperative play

2.    A Sense of Accomplishment

3.    Persistence

4.    Solving a puzzle

5.    Science and technology

6.    Creativity

7.    Math

8.    Perseverance

Children are very quick and confident learners. Early Child Education is not only based on academic learning but leads to their emotional, mental, physical and spiritual well being too. Children can learn many skills from early education, for example if something is very hard for them to do, while playing or learning academic , they learn how to deal with it, they learn perseverance. This quality built up during the early stage helps them throughout their education. The skills they acquire at a young age remains with them for a lifetime.

In Early Child Education Program children get to play and explore the things of their own, because of which they become a social person, they learn to cooperate with other children. Understand the importance of people in their lives and in the long run these things make them a better person. Early childhood education is a best program provided child gets to do things which interest him. There should not be any academic pressure on the child.

How early child education shapes the future development.

Childhood is the age when the child begins to learn from parent and surrounding. Everything that the child experience’s is like an investment towards their bright future. Both positive and negative experience have a dramatic effect on the child’s life. It can change the child’s personality to a  much greater extent. So, for the sound development of a child, it is very important to give them an environment where they can flourish on their own. They should be learning, developing and growing on their own. A good skill set and creativity help them to pursue any hobby in future or make a career out of it. Whatever the child learns during the  growth phase, has a long term impact on his overall personality.

In addition to the skill set, early child education can groom children on a personal level. They will get to know about their surrounding, parents, and society and learn about their contribution to the society. They will learn how to cooperate with others. How to work in a group. This will indeed make them socially lovable and an ideal person in future. They will learn about leadership quality and a sense of responsibility will build in them. Whatever experience they will gain, it will stay with them throughout their life journey.

Early childhood education plays a more  important part in shaping their future, Because the first five years are the most important for the brain development of the child. Children taught at an early age usually benefit in the following ways:

    Good behavior – Children go well with others, they are always well behaved.

    Doing better at school– Children who exposed to early childhood education tend to perform well in the high school and are also involved in many activities.

    Take care of themselves and others– They develop a great sense of responsibility so,   they always take care of themselves and others.

 What are the best early education methods?

In the modern era, children are getting used to technology at the very early age. So, it has become very important to collaborate traditional learning methods with the use of modern technology. Here are some of the best early education methods.

Play based education

Kids always love to play. So, we must take this opportunity and make them learn things through lots of indoor and outdoor activities.

Fun outdoor activities

Engaging kids in outdoor activities help the overall development for their personality. It helps them to know their surroundings.

Make use of gadgets

Kids always insist to play on a Smartphone. Thus, involve them in productive and fun games with the help of technology that will help  increase their vocabulary and knowledge and make them comfortable using gadgets.

Story time with colorful printable

Introduce them to art and color, it will increase their creativity.

Integrated Technology

Integrated technology is a smart tool which strengthens technical skills of children. Also tapping into the child’s interest. Such a modern technology method can be used to enhance learning.

 Cooperative learning structure

The cooperative learning program is the classroom learning program. Which enhances the public skills of the student and increases their participation in student activities.

Differentiated instruction

It is Cognitive Learning Styles. It describes the characteristics of these learners as well as the types of activities in which child is getting involved.

Goal Setting

It helps the child to make a work plan and implement it with perseverance. Goal setting is very important for future development of the child.

Assesment for learning

Assessment for Learning is the data maintained by the teacher by observing the child . This data is very important in identifying interest and talent of a child.

Hence Early childhood education is very important for overall growth and development of a child.

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