“If you can light the spark of curiosity in a child, they will learn without any further assistance” said by Ken Robinson.

A spark that we are anxious to find in our child is the skill or the mere interest that is inbuilt in the child from birth. The more you listen to your child and observe their likes and dislike as an individual the easier you discover their spark. Sparks don’t come on a day just like that; maybe we discover their spark one fine day. Before you identify the spark in your child, there are a few questions to which you need to answer to yourself.

    Do you give enough time to your child?

    Do you know his favorite sport?

    Do you listen to him when he speaks to you?

    When was the last time you watched him play with glee?

    Do you spend quality time with your kid?

    Does your child know that you are always there for him?

Every child has its own freedom to research and has its own space to explore and find their spark in their own favorite field. Children tend to find their interests in everything they are exposed to but develop only on their very favorite ones that they are keen about. A few kids spark out too early as 5 and a few even find their spark by 15. There are a few techniques for analyzing the spark in your child, which we will discuss further.

Researchers are still going on in this platform to analyze the child psychology and enhance them better. A few children can identify their spark on their own, whereas a few can realize only when you guide them as a parent and a few wonders how to find their spark. Even though the spark in every child is right from the birth, they require a push from their peer, be It a parent, a brother or a sister or any friend to endorse their wish so that they enhance in their own field.

Did you know sparks matter? Give a little hope and believe in your child!

When your child is identified with this spark, it encourages him or her to excel in various aspects of life, for example; in scoring great grades, in excelling in art and craft, in public speaking and many more. Behind all this, they need enormous encouragement and strength from their parent to feel that nothing is impossible by them. When they gain the state of Self-Efficacy, that is being self-confident and sure in what they do, it becomes very easy for them to reach their goal.

Their confidence boosts to another level when there are appreciated by their peer, adults or even at public places like their school or an event where they meet people. This acts as a fuel in building a very strong spark and let them pursue more on it. Researches prove that young adults who perform very well after their spark is identified have at least three people as their support system or encouragement behind them constantly.

Tips to be a winning parent – Your universe is divine!         

Being a parent can be one of the most rewarding experiences in life and of course not easy to be one. You can never be an effective or a winning parent if you are not your leader in your own life. Using positive parenting leads to lots of beneficial results for your child. Any child would want a friendly coach or a peer, and of course a friendly parent who is encouraging and at the same time understanding too.

Make your child realize that he or she is a unique gift. Express love to your child anytime and every time, listen to what they say to you, be available to them when they need you, never compare your child with anyone else, not even their own sibling. Control your temper over them and stay consistent over that. Teach your child that every problem is an opportunity to understand how to move on in life.

To be a successful and an efficient parent one must self-train to expect success and failures from their child equally. Eventually, you tend to encourage them to work on more no matter the results are. Never lose your cool on a failure, when you define their win or loss from a success or a failure they tend to break down and stop rather than moving on. Encourage your child master his failures and be a competitor to his own self.

Family balance is an essential factor in your child that not only emotionally builds your child but also builds up their strength to reach out when in need. Be sure of the goals they are lead to, think twice if your child prefers to excel in Ballet? Or u chose for her? Be sure to not be a strict coach rather be a friendly support and your child’s best fan. Remember your child is not defined after her dance or sports performance. It is his or her inner self that defines them.

Show them how valuable and special they are and be a constant reminder to them that it is not the end of the world and there is more to achieve and fall. Never put them down with their self-esteem, never say you cannot, they look up to you to be themselves and they believe they are a nothing when you say so. The result of this will be carried on even with their kids later on.

Build their self-esteem, practice them to never let them down and respect oneself, eventually they tend to respect others too. Challenge your child and never put them under a pressure to reach their results. Let the procedure or the process be stressful for them but not the results, they tend to lose their cool and feel forced to win and fail in fear. Enhance your child with the knowledge that failing is the stepping-stone to success and they can reach success anytime, they never know. Guide them the value of failing and getting up from their failure. They learn to build self-confidence when they are shown the path to light.

How to engulf alternative career options for your child?

Every choice of alternative education is made from one’s own Interest. In this modern era of modern parenting, nothing goes by rules or by books. Every child is given the freedom to equally value play and studies these days. Art and theatre were merely for a few those days, and even they had them as a passive choice for pastime. Now many come up to choose from their own career and seek self-satisfaction more than money and financial satisfaction. Every parent needs to have an open mind in helping choose their child a career for him or herself. There is an ocean of opportunities now and also have their own scopes to flourish and shine in them.

 Guidelines to choose an effective alternative career choice:

    Explore opportunities

    Review all options make choices accordingly

    Create an action plan

    Make applications and also generate opportunities

Be a guide for your child in choosing their career rather than choosing one for them. Encourage individuality in them to choose their path on their own. Let them be free and decide on the options and don’t forget to be there on their backgrounds. Alternative career options like dance, music, social work, and photography are more on the trend than the traditional good old practices of career choice.

Pursuing an alternative career can enhance the skills of your child to explore more in their field of expertise. There must be coordination between both parents and the child to choose a career all through the process of choosing an alternative career. In a recent research, the facts state that an average teenager or an adult who opts for a career chooses self-satisfaction over income.

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